Turn Around Management

Since 2014, RWT Growth has been helping companies, entrepreneurs and leaders get out of difficult situations. Turn Around Management is something dear to our hearts. Why? Because we have experienced the challenges of leading a company during turbulent, uncertain and outright scary times. 

It takes a unique perspective and skill set to successfully navigate through the storm of financial and operational challenges. Through a combination of significant real world experience and formal knowledge in the areas of financing, debt restructuring, management and leadership; We have helped companies avoid bankruptcy, default or court appointed restructuring while working with leaders to improve their operations so they can emerge stronger and more profitable with more free cash available.

With a 94% success rate to date, our track record speaks for itself.

RWT Growth provided instant leadership as they assisted in strategically navigating through negotiations with the lender that successfully allowed our company to continue operating. RWT Growth helped save a 57 year old company with 80 employees.
— Rich, CEO - Winnipeg, Canada

Turn Around Management

Whether your business is losing steam, out of cash, facing bankruptcy or experiencing serious and systemic operational challenges; We can help provide solutions and leadership to whether the storm and emerge stronger than before.