We know what it takes to successfully start up a company from scratch and turn it into a viable and valuable business.

Whether its been our own companies, companies we have worked with or companies we have been involved with from a board perspective; we have advised companies on how to bridge the gap from that of a concept to that of a sustainable business capable of generating results and meeting shareholder objectives. 

Reece’s vision, drive and enthusiasm for creating something exceptional was evident in our very first meetings. Start-up culture and entrepreneurial ventures are an area in which he seems very comfortable and sees unlimited potential
— Kaz, VP of People - Kelowna, Canada

start-up leadership

Leading a start-up has its unique set of challenges, which leaders of established companies often do not have to face. We help provide mentoring, coaching and working sessions to provide consistent and effective leadership development in what is typically an incredibly fast moving landscape. Furthermore, we assist start-ups with business development, analytics, procedures and implementing best management practices to help ensure success.