Hyper Growth

Hyper Growth is the space we like to play in. We know it well. We’ve built our careers around growing businesses and have learned how to plan for, manage and deliver high growth rates in every company we have led. To date, our average annual growth rate is over 67%.

In today's business environment the stakes are high. Almost any leader we talk to wants to achieve rapid growth (over 20% per annum), however few are capable of delivering this repeatedly. To achieve rapid and hyper growth requires a fundamental shift in the way a company thinks, operates and views growth. Using our experience as an entrepreneurs and leaders, we advise companies, management teams and leaders on how to achieve sustained hyper and rapid growth.

RWT Growth’s business and finance acumen provided our management team and staff the tools they needed to achieve the ambitious goals we set as an organization.
— Dinis, CEO - Winnipeg, Canada

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