Accesing & Structuring Capital

With a deep understanding of how to fund new ventures, growth, companies, expansions, acquisitions, asset purchases, developments and projects, RWT Growth is an expert on accessing capital via debt and equity for private companies.

We work with our clients to design and deliver efficient capital structures and equity strategies, which are designed to deliver capital in the most effective means possible for our clients.

Accessing the right combination of capital, including debt and equity
Investment and capital readiness
Debt restructuring
Financial optimization

Accesing Capital

For capital intensive projects, RWT Growth advises clients on applying for the right combination of debt and equity based capital. We assist companies to structure deals and financing solutions so they can grow their business strategically.

Financial Optimization

With an in-depth knowledge of capital structures from both debt and equity perspectives, we help clients access the right combination of capital to achieve their business goals, lower financing related expenses and conserve cashflow.

Debt Restructuring

With a deep understanding of how debt functions, we prepare efficient financial structures that are designed to deliver project capital in the most effective means possible.

What our clients say about our work

"RWT's client-first approach was very evident in their honest, efficient and pragmatic advice with respect to the mandate at hand."

Ian Charles

Continuity Capital

Kelowna, BC
"RWT were great to work with, very personable and communicated with me daily. They helped guide every step of the process – Dave with financial analysis, Deepak with deferred revenue analysis, Dan with setting up meetings and administration, and of course Reece who would assist in all aspects from partner discussions to deal closure."

Zack Ally

Health Care CEO

London, UK
"Your expertise in the industry and ability to identify the perfect match between Summit and Sabre was truly invaluable. The process of finding and introducing us to the Summit team would not have been possible without your efforts. Your support throughout the closing process was invaluable and made the journey so much easier for all parties involved."

Rich Baker

Sabre Ltd.

Calgary, AB
"RWT Growth and its managing partner, Reece Tomlinson, are the epitome of excellence in the merger and acquisition industry. Their exceptional professionalism, timely delivery of outcomes, and strategic guidance have been invaluable in the transaction we recently closed with their help."

Mason Darabi

Elevate Parterns Capital

"When we made the decision as a team to sell our company, we brought RWT onboard because they were the right people to represent the vaues that PermaCorp stands for. We were not dissapointed. The RWT team worked tireleslly through the complex deal structure to ensure that no matter what obstacles were encountered, everything was handled professional and with the utmost integrity."

Manfred Schmidt

Permacorp Group of companies

Edmonton, AB
"The RWT team were great to work with on this project. They were professional, informed, communicative, available and understanding of everyone's perspective. This allowed for efficient problem solving in complex, sometimes pressurized situations.."

Andrew Mark

Rhyno Private Equity Group

Toronto, ON
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