Why RWT Growth Delivers Value

Unlike receivers, we work for the clients of lenders (banks, credit unions, leasing firms, etc.) who may be experiencing financial challenges or potential insolvency, to turn their operations around. The results are:

  • Focus is on paying debts back in full.

  • Restructuring of debts for sustainability and optimized efficiency.

  • Equity injections if required.

  • Improved cash flows thereby reducing cash flow related risk.

  • Assistance in moving the business to other lenders when the account has been flagged for demarketing.

What Make us Different from a Receiver?

RWT Growth vs Receivers Table.png

How It Works

How It Works Circle - RWT vs Receivers.png
  1. Lender provides client info to RWT Growth.

  2. RWT Growth engages the client at no cost to the lender (RWT Growth’s services are paid by for by the client).

  3. RWT Growth provides solutions that benefit all parties.

We have a 94% success rate turning companies around!